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Valentine's Day Flowers

What Those Valentine’s Day Flowers REALLY Mean

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without all the desperate pleas for love smeared in chocolate, clueless men, teary-eyed women — and of course the flowers.

Although flowers are usually presented with other delicate items, or during a Valentine’s Day outing, they can also be given as a stand-alone gift. The flowers that are presented to that special person — and the way in which they are given — can hold significant meaning about the relationship (even if one or both parties are not aware of it).

The flowers that you decide to present, or end up receiving, can tell you a lot about your relationship with that person. For example, if they actually paid attention to the things you liked, maybe they would have gotten you the black roses that compliment your flaming skull earrings instead of the sickeningly cheery daisies.

Read on to learn more about the true meaning of those flowers so that you can avoid buying them or throw them out along with your doomed relationship.

The Color…

black and white rose

Let’s start with the color of the flowers. Although you may not be familiar with the traditional associations tied to a flower’s color, some thought needs to be put into this aspect of the gift.

If your Valentine’s Day date is too dim or self-involved to notice what your favorite color is, then it may be a good idea to have them prove their love by eating all the hideously colored flowers out of the bouquet.

If however, you just met this person at the corner gas station and didn’t want to be alone for Singles Awareness Day (SAD), then I would like to give your individuality my condolences and you should know that you probably deserve to buy your own flowers to brighten up the Motel 6 where you’ll be meeting later.

How Much Do You Love Me? 

I love you tatoo

If your date opts for roses, a safe but somewhat boring choice, a single rose is a much more elegant and bold choice than three dozen roses.

Although an excessively large bouquet can be attractive, if it is artistically organized, a receiver who delights in it is probably the type of person who becomes giddy at the thought of “her day to be a princess in white when everyone will drops to their knees at the sight of her magnificence.” The giver of this type of arrangement is usually trying to overcompensate for an area in which they feel they are lacking and clumsily blindsides the receiver with this bright and shiny gift.

Whereas a single rose, or delicate arrangement, shows the receiver that they are the object of their affection in a simple and attractively confident manner.

What Type of Date Do I Have? 

valentine's day date

Although it would be dumb to analyze your flowers to death, the type that you receive can signify certain things about your relationship.

As it was stated above, roses are the “safe” choice but do not necessarily mean anything negative if you don’t mind a lack of imagination.

  • Carnations have the aroma of death hanging about them, and they are also some of the cheapest flowers.
  • Daisies are a fun and innocent flower but they can also demonstrate that this is someone you might be better of being “just friends” with.
  • Orchids are pretty and exotic and also named after the Proto-Indo-European word for testicles because of their saggy base. If you receive these flowers on Valentine’s Day, oddly shaped flowers probably won’t be the only saggy thing that will come flying your way.

Where Did You Get Those Things? 

dirty gift

Flowers purchased from a florist indicate that your special person wanted the best for you, and maybe just maybe, planned for your flowers the day before instead of picking up the last bouquet of droopy lilies from the bin at the grocery store.

While telling you that they handpicked your flower bouquet from a field of wildflowers might melt your heart a little bit, keep in mind that this probably means they completely forgot about getting you flowers, until even the grocery store bins were empty, and decided to steal them from their neighbor’s back yard (confirm this with traces of fertilizer on their shoes).

It’s All About The Presentation

orchids in pants

Finally, the way that the flowers are presented to you can mean different things as well.

If they are contained in cheap, plastic wrapping then you have landed the ultimate catch who will stop washing their hair in a few months. If the flowers are in a vase or decorative box, then this is a good sign that you are dealing with someone who cares at least a smidgen and has some sense of taste.

If all you get are a bunch of flower petals strewn about the house then you better plan on enjoying some swinging orchids this Valentine’s Day.





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